Roof Repair

Roofs protect us from external elements, protect our properties and belongings, and allow us to live a quality and comfortable life. Proper and regular maintenance ensures that any minor problems are addressed promptly before they progress into bigger issues. However, not everyone has the time, skills, and equipment to perform roof maintenance and repair. That’s why we are here to simplify your life and do the job for you. After all, it’s our expertise.

We offer top-quality roof maintenance services that are affordable and flexible to fit your needs and budget. We offer regular roof inspections, cleaning, and other maintenance procedures to keep your roof in top shape.

After a thorough roof inspection, maintenance service is the next step. Although homeowners can do it, we discourage it because it poses a risk of falling and damaging your roof. Plus, you need to buy or rent proper equipment like a ladder, safety suit and harness, and cleaning materials to help you finish the job. The results are uncertain because you’re not skilled in the area. That’s more of a hassle than a convenience.

That’s why it’s better to leave the roof repair and maintenance tasks to professional roofing contractors who have spent most of their lives protecting and reinforcing roofs like the roofing contractor of Hartford where your roofing needs are our forte.

You don’t have to buy different tools or equipment when you hire professionals like us. We will show up at your home fully prepared and equipped for the job that lies ahead.

Our Roof Repair Service

Ideally, roof maintenance should be done at least twice per year preferably during spring and fall. You may also opt for annual roof maintenance at the least. This is to make sure your roofs last between 40-60 years depending on what material they are made of. This is also necessary to prolong the life expectancy of the roof of your residential or commercial property.

All of our services include roof cleaning to remove moss, algae, organic build-up, and pest infestations. We may also make minor repairs such as lifting shingles and buckling loose flashings after cleaning your roof. Regular inspections and maintenance can help you catch minor problems before they become expensive repairs.

Gutter cleaning is also part of the scheduled maintenance service. Heavy rains or storms cause leaves and branches to fall off. Water caught on the gutters pushes these gunks into the downspout, which clogs up the gutter. This is where backflows and flooding happen thus gutter cleaning is also essential in reinforcing your roof integrity.

With our professional roof maintenance and repair service, we will eliminate all gunks and debris trapped in your gutters and dispose of them properly. We will set your roof ready for the upcoming intense rainy season. It’s better to pay minimal maintenance costs that will help maximize your roof’s purpose than to spend a hefty amount for re-roofing. Book for a roof repair service and experience beyond satisfactory service that your property deserves.